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Addressing Medication Concerns In Dentistry

Aside from the occasional checkup, some people go through extensive dental that can require prescribed medication to ensure their teeth and overall health remains in good shape. Complications with teeth can look different from person to person, and the medication they use should be catered to what their body needs. You’d be surprised at the solutions pharmaceutical compounding can provide dentists and their patients, as there are a number of alternatives to standard medications.

Regardless of what medication a patient needs, we’re able to compound prescriptions into an array of specialized solutions such as balms for lesions, anti-bacterial rinses, prevention of dry sockets, and much more. With standard medications, many people experience issues with effectiveness and stability, as their formulations are rather general and not catered to their exact situation. Dentistry is a complex field as each patient comes with a unique set of health concerns. Our abilities with compounding make each patient's path to healing efficient as we can simultaneously customize dosage, formulation, administration, and improve compliance.