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Palliative Care

Some people come in contact with illnesses or diseases that can be life-threatening, which tends to require a much more specialized and aggressive form of healthcare. When you combine this with the fact that each person's body handles disease and medications differently, it can be a challenge to turn their health in the right direction.

There are a long list of life-threatening health complications, and standard medications and healing regimens may not do the trick, but with the assistance of pharmaceutical compounding, patients may have a better chance of healing.

The Reality of Palliative Care

If a patient requires palliative care, that means their health is already in a condition that needs top-notch medical help, as there may not be much room for trial and error. Once a patient reaches this stage with their medical condition, it’s common for them to experience symptoms such as pain, anxiety, nausea, shortness of breath, and other related physical complications that can be quite severe.

Working closely with healthcare professionals, we can compound certain prescriptions to cater to a patient's current and future conditions to help mitigate the symptoms and progression of their disease or illness.

Medications can become quite convoluted when it comes to palliative care, but compounding can help refine their medicine regime to minimize potential side effects while increasing overall effectiveness. Depending on how aggressive a disease or illness may be, compounding is a patient’s best shot at improving their health in many cases. We aim to work on helping patients heal rather than just maintain their current condition.