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Dr. Kristine Isaacson - K&K Pharmacy

Dr. Kristine Isaacson

Dr. Kristine Isaacson is a renowned physician who has been working in the healthcare industry for over a decade. She is currently employed at a K&K Pharmacy in Texas, where she serves as the head physician.

Dr. Kristine Isaacson graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. After completing her undergraduate studies, she pursued her medical degree at the University of Texas Medical Branch, where she graduated with honors.

Throughout her career, Dr. Kristine Isaacson has been passionate about delivering quality healthcare services to patients. She has gained extensive experience in internal medicine and has worked in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

In 2019, Dr. Kristine Isaacson joined a K&K Pharmacy in Texas as a consulting physician. She was tasked with overseeing the pharmacy's telemedicine program, which enables patients to consult with physicians online and receive prescriptions without having to leave their homes.

Under Dr. Kristine Isaacson's leadership, the K&K Pharmacy has become a trusted provider of telemedicine services in Texas. She has helped to ensure that the pharmacy's telemedicine program adheres to the highest standards of care, and she has worked closely with other healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Kristine Isaacson is also an active member of several professional organizations, including the American Medical Association and the Texas Medical Association. She regularly attends conferences and workshops to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the healthcare industry.

In her free time, Dr. Kristine Isaacson enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. She is a passionate advocate for healthy living and regularly volunteers at community health events.

Overall, Dr. Kristine Isaacson is a highly qualified physician who is committed to providing quality healthcare services to patients in Texas and beyond. Her expertise in telemedicine has helped to transform the healthcare landscape, and she is a respected leader in the healthcare community.


I'm a delicate and sensitive person, and Dr. Kristine Isaacson understands that. I was really pleased by how I was handled the first time I met her and how she followed up. She is not only an excellent doctor, but also a wonderful human being who is sober, personable, a great social worker, and always has a smile on her face thanks to her altruistic devotion. Always excellent care. She is an exceptionally bright Doctor with human values. Great advice; it's rare to find such non-commercial doctors in this day and age. Apart from her commitment, she has a small humor that impresses me even more, resulting in significant stress alleviation when conversing with her. Best wishes for the future and may God bless her.

Magrieta de Lange

Mon Dec 05 2022 10:58:03

I'm quite happy with the doctor. She is attentive, sensitive, and most importantly, you get to connect with the Doctor, which I believe is rare nowadays. One of the most excellent doctors I've ever met!

Anna Cleeves

Tue Dec 13 2022 14:45:01